Up to today thousands of users worldwide trust 1C:Drive as a core ERP solution for growing their business. But now 1Ci extends its product line with a beta version of a corporate performance management solution, 1C:Perform localized for Turkish market as well as continuous updates to the 1C:Drive and 1C:ERP solutions.

All these solutions are part of the 1Ci ecosystem and can be easily integrated with each other through our low-code platform 1C:Enterprise to maximize the company’s performance and make all internal processes more transparent and efficient. Let’s have a closer look at these products.

New features and tools in 1C:Drive

1C:Drive is an ERP system for growing businesses, especially in the production, wholesale and service industries. It helps to collect and oversee real time data to make informed decisions, control costs and track key indicators for scaling your business. This system, favored by multiple companies worldwide, has been continuously evolving and upgrading its functionality.

The new release of 1C:Drive features the following developments:

  • The Product Configurator tool is now available to ease the task of creating bills of materials (BOMs) for manufacturing companies and job shops. You no longer need to develop BOMs from scratch — with the new tool, you can set up templates and speed up materials' documentation by several times! You can also create a single BOM for multiple variants of the same product, for example, if you produce tables of different colors. The Product Configurator makes it easy to increase the efficiency of order processing—with data on profitability available right from the start, fewer leftovers and greater transparencу of the production process.

  • The new 1C:Drive now feature Counterparty Portal option which will be especially beneficial for wholesale companies and retailers. This enables third-party vendors or clients to create orders and track their statuses, even if they don’t have access to the stationary 1C:Drive version at the moment. Thus, you get a new communication channel enabling to process orders faster and better fulfill customer expectations.

1C:Perform launch

1C:Perform (Beta) is a financial toolkit that helps enterprises and holdings to automate data collection and, as a result, speed up reporting and its quality. It also solves such problems as fragmentation of accounting data, lack of unification in the costs accounting, and lack of financial control over the data provided. The application offers flexible and comprehensive budgeting functionality and helps bring your reporting in compliance with IFRS.

1C:Perform has been in the CPM software market for over 9 years and has been implemented in 200+ companies all over the world.

The latest project in Turkey to adopt 1C:Perform was Akkuyu Nükleer, a joint-stock Russian-Turkish enterprise established in 2010 as an operating company for the construction of Turkey’s first large nuclear power plant. 1C:Perform was used to automate financial accounting and planning, budget management, and reporting. As a result, the number of manual operations has been significantly reduced, analytical reporting made quicker and more convenient, and the processing speed and accuracy of payment documents improved.

Perhaps, the best thing about 1Ci solutions is that they can be easily adapted for each company type and size to perfectly fit its internal processes and requirements. This is mostly possible because they are built using the 1C:Enterprise low-code platform, which allows for almost infinite adjustment opportunities with minimal time and costs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 1Ci ecosystem and possibly becoming our partner, please visit our website.