How software functionality and customization helped Akkuyu Nükleer increase the accuracy of payment documents and make faster analytical reports.

Holding companies often face the challenge of overseeing multiple subsidiaries, each with its own set of processes, systems, and data. 1C:Perform is a software solution designed to help these companies manage corporate financial performance and make business decisions based on unified data. It provides a centralized platform for financial and management reporting, budgeting, and analysis across the entire holding company structure.

How 1C:Perform improves financial performance in holding companies

Let’s look closely at the features and benefits the solution provides:

  • The system allows holding companies to gather and consolidate financial data from their subsidiaries, facilitating the generation of comprehensive financial reports that provide a clear picture of the overall business performance.

  • The software enables holding companies to create and manage budgets and forecasts for their subsidiaries, ensuring better financial planning and decision-making.

  • 1C:Perform provides tools for analyzing the performance of individual subsidiaries and the holding company as a whole, enabling executives to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.

  • The software can automate various financial and managerial tasks, such as data collection, reconciliation, and report generation, reducing the workload for employees and minimizing the risk of errors.

  • 1C:Perform can be integrated with other software systems used within the holding company and its subsidiaries, ensuring seamless data flow and better collaboration across the organization.

  • The solution can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of a holding company, making it a versatile and adaptable tool for managing complex business structures.

How a customized version of 1C:Perform helped Akkuyu Nükleer meet their specific needs

Akkuyu Nükleer is a joint-stock Russian-Turkish venture founded in 2010 that functions as an operating company responsible for the construction of Turkey’s first large nuclear power plant.

The company representatives requested 1Сi partner, 1C:Rarus, to start the development of the financial management system to avoid the possible lack of financial control over the data and inaccurate business decisions and forecasts. Particularly, Akkuyu Nükleer needed to improve and automate corporate financial performance, data consolidation, budgeting and financial planning.

Thanks to the flexibility and customizability of 1C:Perform, the partner’s representatives have agreed to implement and modify the system according to the company’s needs.

All the information regarding invoices and budgeting was transferred to the system. When an invoice is received, it’s sent to the platform’s budgetary control section, where the data is analyzed to see if there is enough budget left and the documents provided are correct. If the input data was confirmed to be accurate, they submit the documents to 1C:Drive, where accounting processes took place.

When the company needs to make a payment, they create a request for it in the system to check if that corresponds to the current budget. After that, the document is sent to the bank. After confirmation of the payment, the updated information is added to 1C:Drive.

As a result, our partner implemented additional features that aren’t listed in the 1C:Perform specifications, such as financial management and budget control, to meet the company’s needs.

The integration with 1C:Drive was simple, smooth, and quick, as 1C:Perform and 1C:Drive are the parts of one unified system built on 1C:Enterprise development platform.