Small and medium businesses are the ones that have to be flexible and adapt to a changing environment to stay competitive. Here at 1Ci we have been building business automation solutions for decades and know how the right software can unlock new growth opportunities and eliminate costs. We've put all our experience and technology to build ERP. It is a global product that helps thousands of companies worldwide to capture growth opportunities and stay flexible in an ever-changing economic environment. In this article, we will talk about capabilities that are now available to our customers in Turkey.

Payments and invoicing

The 1C:Drive ERP is based on 1C:Enterprise development platform. This ensures the highest level of flexibility and provides customization opportunities. The solution can be used on multiple platforms, including mobile, and integrated with dozens of popular business automation applications. Our users in Turkey can now benefit from all features of 1C:Drive based on our cutting-edge technology.

Let's move to the essential features. Before, payment methods in payment terms were limited by several predefined options, including Cash, Electronic, and Undefined. Now, we have added payment terms templates to the Payment terms & conditions settings of the counterparty and contract cards. This feature will allow you to quickly set payment terms for your partners and customers with no need to define each payment term manually.

Another great feature is the recurring purchase orders. It is useful for those who order goods or services at regular intervals. You can set a schedule for generating purchase orders when required. Companies that charge customers regularly can now use our recurring invoice settings to set a schedule for sending automatic invoices.

Also, the new 1C:Drive version provides the Checks and Promissory notes modules, which are entirely suitable for the Turkish finance system and crucial for Turkish companies. These new modules are useful for both working with Checks and Promissory notes, including checks issuance, customer checks registration, and more.

1C:Drive is useful for self-employed people as well. For example, now you can easily create Given and Received self-employment invoices.

Sales, purchases and accounting

Following our customers' needs, we've reworked the sales planning process. Now, you can plan sales by products, sales territories, sales representatives, and other sales dimensions. Also, 1C:Drive allows setting sales goals and targets, hassle-free tracking, and running corresponding reports.

Managerial accounting is no longer the only option in 1C:Drive. The new version of the product features the Financial accounting module and generates GAAP and IFRS-compliant reports.

Also, we have added the credit limit control feature. It helps companies to secure their accounts receivables. Now you can set specific limits for customers right in the billing details of a contact card. The system will automatically check available credit when you post a sales order, work order, or sales invoice.

Another essential feature is demand planning. It allows avoiding situations when the businesses run out of goods during high-demand peaks or have an over-filled warehouse when sales are low. Both these cases lead to direct and indirect losses.

Demand planning is especially important for complex products which can have multiple parameters (like, tissue, size, height, etc.) The variant management and production planning features of 1C:Drive allows companies to understand what the current situation is, plan their stock provisioning, and control the warehouse.

Tax management and reporting

Taxation is a crucial part of any business, and so we pay a lot of attention to the implementation of compliant tax management. We are happy to announce that the new 1C:Drive supports VAT withholding in compliance with the Turkish tax legislation.

You can store VAT withholding codes and rates and apply them to business documents such as supplier invoices, purchase orders, goods receipts, sales orders, goods issues, sales invoices, and work orders. There is also a specialized report to help you to track VAT withholding

We've also redesigned several other reports. Now, by default, reports show product quantities in base units of measure (UOM). You can also view product quantities and choose UOM you need.

Other improvements

These are not the only improvements we've made. Here are some other upgrades:

  • Manufacturer attribute in the Products catalog. Now you can make your labels and price tag templates to show a product's manufacturer.

  • Variant selection matrix. Quickly add multiple product variants to business documents (such as sales invoices and supplier invoices).

  • Contact information visibility settings. Hide unused contact person fields that overload a counterparty's card for more straightforward navigation.

Final thoughts

1C:Drive is a powerful solution that is based on 1C:Enterprise business-oriented development framework. The solution enables data-driven decisions for businesses of all kinds, provides high flexibility and customization opportunities, and serves you on any platform you may need.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!