When technology intersects with various professional fields, individuals like Veronica Marlene Anthony stand out for their ability to blend diverse skills. With a unique combination of legal knowledge and accounting expertise, Veronica has made a name for herself in the tech world. We sat down with her to discuss her professional journey, the challenges she has faced, and her advice for women aspiring to make their mark in technology. Let’s begin!

Veronica, thank you very much for joining us today! Can you tell us a little about your professional background?

Certainly. I began as a lawyer in the public sector before transitioning to private practice. During that time, I developed an interest in accounting, which led me to pursue it alongside law. After completing my degrees, I took roles in various private sectors in Colombia, assisting in management and accounting departments. Later, while seeking broader horizons with international companies, I joined the 1Ci team that implements software solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a consultant and public accountant.

Combining legal and accounting expertise is quite unique. How does this blend serve you in the tech industry?

Working in a technology company was really an opportunity I hadn't considered before. It has allowed me to play a multifaceted role by combining legal skills with accounting expertise. It has been a very valuable and meaningful experience to use my knowledge in support of these technological tools. I find it especially rewarding to apply my knowledge when evaluating client projects and ERP implementations.

What do you think have been the challenges you've faced working in this technological sector? How have you overcome them?

The pace of tech development is swift and requires constant learning to stay on top of new trends. Keeping up with continuous education is both a challenge and a necessity. Besides, there's a lot of competition in the market and to stand out in the tech sector it's important to showcase your skills and experience more effectively. It's also about having creativity and innovation to overcome any industry challenge that may arise.

Your accounting and legal expertise must be a significant asset to your company. How do you make your mark in these areas?

I contribute in a way that financial and accounting records and transactions are carried out in a detailed, precise, and reliable manner that complies with tax obligations and regulatory requirements. It's fundamental to perform these meticulously so that management can make proper decisions within the company.

The tech industry hasn't always been known for gender diversity. As a woman, how important is it to step into technical roles, and how supported have you felt in doing so?

The unique perspectives and capabilities that women bring have greatly enriched the tech industry. Considering that today women have practically the same opportunities as men in this field, I've felt very supported, working collaboratively with both women and men. It's crucial for women to continue stepping into and excelling in these vital roles.

What advice would you give to young women pursuing careers in law, administration, or those interested in the intersection of these fields with technology?

My advice is to always stay flexible and keep an open mind in terms of the professional opportunities that can present themselves. Explore workshops, courses, and tech events to deepen your understanding and ignite your passion, whether in tech or other fields like law and accounting. Remember, continual learning and adaptability are your best tools in this journey.

Looking ahead, what are your professional goals and aspirations?

I'm eager to advance my specialization in technology and broaden my expertise internationally. My goal is to assist companies in adhering to global financial and legal standards, always seeking out new opportunities and challenges with a mindset geared toward growth and flexibility.