In the fast-paced world of business technology, staying ahead requires constant learning. 1Ci, a leading name in this area, understands this need well. Through its detailed educational programs, it builds a supportive relationship with its partners, making sure they know its products well to help with smooth integration and improving client businesses. This article explores the details of 1Ci's educational programs and the many benefits they offer.

1Ci Academy and Partner Program

1Ci Academy is a specifically designed platform for developers, ERP professionals, and software consultants, empowering them to address today's business challenges​. Through comprehensive training on the 1C:Enterprise development platform, individuals can bolster their pre-selling skills for ERP projects with the 1C:ERP Fundamentals course​​.

The academy offers courses like 1C Junior Developer and 1C:ERP Fundamentals, enabling learners to build better applications swiftly and delve deep into implementation techniques​​. Moreover, the academy offers industry-recognized certifications, with two levels available, Junior and Senior, to become specialists in 1Ci products. The courses are entirely online and free to view, though certification attempts are paid​​. Additionally, there are more certifications to be introduced in the near future, expanding the scope of specialization within 1Ci products.

The Partner Program provides a set of tools and services for partners to expand customer reach and revenue through a diverse product line catering to companies of varying sizes. Partners can develop industry-specific solutions better adapted to customer needs using the robust 1C:Enterprise platform. They can also undertake more projects and meet the demands of high-expectation clients with the customizable and supportable 1Ci products. Additionally, the program enables partners to distinguish themselves from competitors with the versatile and flexible 1Ci product line, aiding in swiftly identifying the right solutions for clients.

Onboarding for Partners

The moment partners join, they get the opportunity to enroll in the nearest 8-week extensive training program. This program, with a focus on development and consulting, is crafted to provide partners with the necessary skills to proficiently demonstrate 1Ci products, manage presales operations effectively, and seamlessly implement 1Ci solutions, ensuring clients receive top-notch service and solutions tailored to their needs.

Specialized Training

Following the initial onboarding, 1Ci introduces more nuanced training programs. They are designed to help partners understand and use 1Ci products better, preparing them to tackle real-world business challenges. These bootcamps are held in person, offering a live and interactive learning experience for the partners.

Language Accessibility 

To cater to a global audience, the courses are available in three languages: English, Turkish, and Spanish. This multilingual approach ensures a wider reach, allowing more individuals across different regions to access and benefit from the training programs.


After passing the required exams and completing the programs, participants are awarded an international certificate. This certificate is a formal acknowledgment of their competency and readiness to work with 1Ci solutions across a myriad of regions, opening doors to numerous opportunities.

Local and Practical Experience 

1Ci holds the local experience of partners in high regard and sees the practical knowledge acquired through pilot projects or engagements with other technologies as a substantial asset. This blend of local and practical experience significantly enhances the effectiveness in implementing solutions, ensuring clients' needs are met with a high degree of expertise.

University Engagement

Extending its educational arm to academia, 1Ci has a designated program for university students. This program is envisioned to educate them for future roles with 1Ci partners, creating a reservoir of skilled individuals who will contribute significantly to the success and growth of the partner network.

1Ci objective for this program is to educate students who will be in demand among our partners, giving them the opportunity to dive deeper into the methodology of ERP processes and learn about 1Ci products. University professors are educated on 1Ci products (1C:Drive) and are provided with all methodological materials and training environments.


Through its educational programs, 1Ci is nurturing a collaborative environment with its partners, aiming for high-level project implementation and mutual growth. By investing in the development and training of partners, 1Ci ensures a mutually beneficial relationship, setting a robust foundation for success in today's competitive business landscape.