The story of ComPhase and Feyyaz Kekec

In the area of professional development, partnerships between companies and interns often serve as pivotal moments of growth. Such was the case when ComPhase, an experienced partner of 1Ci, crossed paths with Feyyaz Kekeç during the 1C:Enterprise ERP training in Istanbul. This encounter marked the beginning of co-operation, learning and mutual benefit.

ComPhase, a committed supporter of technological innovation, has been a dedicated partner of 1Ci since 2023. Their commitment to excellence led them to participate actively as jury members at the 1C:Enterprise ERP training for students in Istanbul in August 2023. It was during this event that they encountered Feyyaz Kekeç (a student at Istanbul Technical University, faculty of Industrial Engineering), whose impressive performance in group work caught their attention.

In a series of online and offline sessions, practical assignments and workshops within the training, Feyyaz acquired comprehensive knowledge of ERP concept and processes and gained hands-on experience in using and configuring our flagship product - 1C:Drive. Feyyaz showed himself as an active and motivated participant, doing much of the self study but also successfully completing all his tasks in the sandboxes. He also acted as the captain during the competition stage of the training.

As a result, recognizing Feyyaz's potential, ComPhase extended an invitation for him to intern with their company. Feyyaz eagerly accepted the opportunity. The knowledge he collected to that point enabled him to deal and to work with 1C:Drive product on his projects within the company. Feyyaz's journey with 1C:Drive as an intern started with tasks such as creating warehouse plans and learning new software, especially within the scope of the BMM Logistics project. Feyyaz then played an active role in the process of organizing warehouse areas using 1C:Drive's inventory management features. He also increased the accuracy of inventory management by using 1C:Drive's reporting tools to track and monitor stock movements. The new software, office applications and integrated solutions offered by 1C:Drive, which Feyyaz learnt, led to a significant improvement in logistics processes at the customer.

Throughout his internship, Feyyaz not only demonstrated proficiency in technical tasks but also exhibited a keen understanding of business processes. The 1C:Enterprise ERP training and hands-on experience, which Feyyaz received while completing it, enhanced his skills in 1C:Enterprise and 1C:Drive, allowing him to become a valuable team member of the ComPhase company.