The story of 1C Link and Songül Osman

In the dynamic world of professional development, the collaboration between companies and interns often serves as a catalyst for growth and opportunity. The story of 1C Link IT Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. and Songül Osman is a great example of a journey of partnership and advancement.

1C Link Information Technologies Inc. has been a loyal partner of 1Ci since 2023, believing in developing talents and providing opportunities to aspiring professionals. After the beginning of the internship of Songül Osman (a student of Beykent University, faculty of Computer Programming), at 1C Link, the company encouraged and supported Songül`s participation in 1C:Enterprise ERP training, which was conducted in Istanbul. 

1C:ERP training program for students is being organized by 1Ci on a regular basis, and it represents a perfect opportunity for young people to start their career as ERP specialists. It has already helped to raise many successful young talents.  

For Songül this training also paved the way to the understanding of ERP systems. Within a 1-month training program she listened to online lectures about ERP,  learnt the functionality of 1C:Drive and took part in a case championship where she gained practical skills in implementing the distribution module in this flagship product of 1Ci, designed for automating small and medium businesses.

The 1C:Enterprise ERP training gave Songül not only a basic understanding of what an ERP solution is. It helped her perform when she already entered the workplace. Thanks to the knowledge received at the training, while also to her dedication and hard work, Songül managed to quickly prove herself as a valuable asset to the company. Initially starting as an intern, Songül transitioned into a role as IT Support, contributing to various projects and tasks within the company.

Throughout her internship and subsequent employment, Songül continuously sought to improve herself and master the programs essential to her role. Her dedication and commitment to personal and professional growth have not gone unnoticed.

Now both 1C Link IT Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. and Songül Osman share mutual goals. While Songül plans to continue building her career within the company, 1C Link IT Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. hopes to see her transition into a full-time member of their staff, leveraging her skills and expertise for mutual success.

As they continue their journey together, their story should serve as an inspiration for professionals and organizations by highlighting the great potential for growth and success through 1Ci educational initiatives, nurturing talent and fostering meaningful partnerships.