1Ci has long been committed to fostering talent and providing opportunities for young developers to explore the world of 1C technologies and connect with potential employers, 1Ci partners. Through a series of annual events focused on development, IT engineering, and innovative technologies, 1Ci creates a platform for aspiring developers to learn, grow, and make valuable connections.

One such success story is that of Atahan Günüç, a recent graduate of National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, whose journey began with a chance encounter with Appviser, a respected partner of 1Ci, at an annual event in Turkiye.

Atahan's introduction to the 1Ci ecosystem occurred at the Bogazici Engineering Summit on April 7, 2023, where the 1Ci team made a presentation for future professionals in cooperation with Appviser company. There he met Hasan Atilcan and Efe Biçen, Co-founders of Appviser company. They invited Atahan to attend another tech event held by 1Ci a month later, the TechnoDay, where Efe Biçen also held a presentation, to meet again and finalise their conversations about hiring Atahan for Appviser. 

It was to be Atahan`s first full-time work experience. So, before the recruitment, the company tested his technical skills by giving him a task to create complex pseudo algorithms, which he successfully passed. As mentioned by the representatives of the Appviser company, being able to create complex algorithms is one of the most important technical skills for them on the development side. The company also tested such competencies as problem solving ability and communication skills. Atahan succeeded in all these tests and soon after began working for the company. 

Joining Appviser as a beginner developer, Atahan was tasked with contributing to various projects. His first major undertaking was with a company, widely recognized as one of the largest labels and stickers producers in Turkiye. As a recent graduate, he was responsible for the development of modules for purchase and production, which presented a significant challenge. However, Atahan was fortunate to have the support of his experienced mentors at Appviser. Their invaluable guidance helped him to overcome the obstacles and to grow professionally. Among the most notable achievements on this project, for example, was the successful integration of the Logo software, used by the client company, with the 1C:Drive ERP system. Despite the initial difficulties, Atahan succeeded and today continues to contribute to this project, which is now nearing its completion.

In addition to that, Atahan also played a key role in the ASTS project for Mobelkant company in the field of Maintenance and Repair, where he collaborated with Efe Bicen on the development and customization built on the 1C:Enterprise platform. His contributions extended to designing basically everything within this project, including a mobile application and the system as a whole.

There are several other projects that Atahan has already added to his portfolio. One of them is in the sphere of IOT, made for one of the clients' preventive maintenance and repair processes. This project resulted in the real-time visualisation of faults and equipment status by collecting data from machines. Atahan managed to integrate the hardware and the software system to provide valuable insights and alerts to technical personnel, such as engine temperature warnings which are sent via WhatsApp mobile application.

For another client, Atahan developed an integration with RFID tags to track the locations of critical raw materials used in their production processes within the facility, enabling the visibility of raw material statuses through 1C dashboards.

In general, Appviser has already built a broad portfolio of vertical solutions based on 1C:Enterprise platform. As a young but actively growing professional developer, Atahan describes it in the following words:

"I have a positive view of this platform. 1C:Enterprise is a great foundation for young developers to grow technically. It offers ease of use, an intuitive interface, and low-code capabilities, making it particularly advantageous for beginners.

This platform allows developers to create applications quickly and efficiently by simplifying complex processes. However, it's important to remember that nothing is as simple as it seems. Success on this platform requires effort and attention to detail. While the platform provides many conveniences, continuous learning and dedication are essential."

Despite a significant number of completed and ongoing projects, and a rich collection of accumulated professional achievements, Atahan's journey at Appviser has just started. From their first meeting and conversation, Appviser was impressed by Atahan's intelligence and adaptability, saw great potential in him and never regretted that choice. 

At the same time, Atahan's technical background in software engineering and willingness to learn enabled him to stand out in a dynamic and challenging environment, proving that along with the right support and opportunities, beginner developers can flourish in the professional world.